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The Leather Repair Company offer and provide the most respected repairs to leather in Ilford, London, we are the UK’s longest established company carrying out leather repairs to all types of items, including cars, furniture, handbags, jackets, shoes and luxury leather goods.

Our team can come to your home and carry out all types of leather repairs from cat scratches in leather sofas, to torn leather sofas, even a leather sofa that has the colour  faded can be restored back to new again all direct from our mobile service for Leather Repair Ilford, London.

We offer a wide range of leather treatments for your items, from a simple leather cleaning service, to repairing a tear in a leather sofa, to restoring the colour that have been lost due to UV rays fading the leather suite, all the way through to a complete full colour change if you wanted to give your home a new fresh look, we can help.

We are leading experts at Putting Life Back Into Leather.

The above two pictures shows what can be done to your leather furniture, the typical cost of the above is £150, its far cheaper to repair than it is to replace.

If you have any items that you want to be repaired or even antique furniture that requires restoration the Leather Repair Company team in Ilford, London can carry out all types of repairs and restoration works for you to the highest standards possible.

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We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

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