Easy process for removing dents from the leathers surface is an easy to follow process

Removing Dents Leather

Removing dents from the leather surface is an easy to follow process of gently heating up the leather so that the dents can be removed with ease.

•   Gently Heat Up
•   Removes Indentations
•   Use A Terry Towel
•   Perfect Results
•   Professional Service

It's very important that when removing dents from the leather surface that you put down a terry towel to protect the leather, if you have done leather repairs for many years and are confident at what you do, you can apply direct heat via a heat gun.

When using a heat gun for removing dents in leather its very important that you do not get too close to the leather and that you constantly move the heat gun around so that you are not applying the heat in one area all the time, this will gently pull out the dents in the leather and remove them fully.

Once you have followed the process for removing dents from the leather its essential that you follow this up by protecting the leather with a good quality leather protection cream.

Baby car seats are often the most common item to cause issues with leather car interiors if left on the leather for far to long, the base of the baby car seat will cause an indentation in the leather.

The longer you leave a baby seat sat on the leather the more damage this will cause and in time it will cause the leather to give way and tear and what you are then left with is an even bigger more expensive job to repair.

One way of helping to prevent these marks from happening is placing a special safety mat down on your leather seat prior to placing your baby seat on the leather. This does help and in most cases can avoid removing dents from the leather.

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