Repair and Restoration Specialists

Repair and Restoration Specialists

April 11, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Your leather tack can last almost for ever if you take great care of it. All leather age, and with age comes issues like lack of oils, fats and moisture, Saddle Care are your leading experts to provide help and care for all tack equipment.

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The secret of prolonging the life of your saddles is to replenish the essential oils that help keep it soft, supple and healthy, at the same time allowing your hide to still breathe correctly as it should.

We can provide all that is needed to help with equestrian items when it comes to repairs and care of your leather for tack and saddle care.

Saddle care is the brain child of the Leather repair Company, we have been in the leather care and repair business for 30 years, dealing with clients around the world, not just for repairing leather goods, but supplying leather care and repair products globaly.

We are able to offer all types of expert repairs to equine equipment and provide a complete package for saddle care just for you. The products we manufacture, are easy to use and achieve oustanding results guaranteed every time.

We provide every solution for the care and maintenance of your saddles, bridles and riding equipment, care and mainenance is essential to prolong the life of your expensive equipement, Saddle care is important to ensure you always have a safe ride.

We can provide a package that meets your needs and requirements, for all saddle care solutions, perhaps you require a deep clean to remove in ground dirt and grime, colour repair and restoration, stitching has come undone, either way we are your one stop shop when it comes to Saddle Care. if you have any question or wish to purchase products or request a free no obligation quote for repairs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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