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Leather Touch Up Dye Repair Kit LRCK17


Leather Touch Up Dye Repair Kit LRCK17

The perfect kit for touching up leather damage

Our Touch Up Dye Repair Kit is a brilliant starter kit for anyone looking to restore, repair or refresh their leather items. The kit will rejuvenate the lost colour, repair scratches, and even allow you to fix problems that require a small amount of filler. Once you've finished with our easy-to-use kit your leather will be looking better than ever.

What's Included

• 50ml Alcohol Cleaner

• 30ml Leather Colourant Dye

• 30ml Satin Leather Lacquer Finish

• 5ml Flexi Filler


Step 1

Apply the alcohol cleaner to the cloth generously. Proceed to rub onto the leather surface while wet to start removing the leather colour. Repeat this process until all of the colour has been removed enough to give a good adhesion with the new paint that is going to be applied in step 2. You should be able to just see the leather hide itself once the colour has been removed sufficiently. Any repairs that are required to be carried out, like fillers or tears, should be done at this stage, before proceeding to stage 2.

Step 2

Apply some colourant to an applicator pad and wipe in to form a base layer, this is just to act as a primer coat, so it does not matter how it looks at this stage. Next apply more colour to the sponge applicator and apply with a stippling motion to the surface to get a fantastic even covering layer.  2 to 3 coats should be all that is required to re-colour your areas. It is best to apply thinner layers of colour giving you a natural look and feel. Use a hair dryer between coats to thoroughly dry the painted layers. 

Step 3

Apply the lacquer to a sponge applicator and stipple this on, dry with a hair dryer and between each coat, 3 coats will be all that is required.