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Technicians Colour Mixing Kit


Colour Mixing Kit

Products & Tools
1 x Weak Black
1 x Bright Yellow
1 x Scarlet (Red)
1 x Strong Black
1 x Bright Red
1 x Dark Blue
1 x Orange
1 x White
1 x Magenta
1 x Red Oxide
1 x Violet
1 x Navy Blue
1 x Bright Green
1 x Lemon
1 x Yellow Oxide
1 x Umber
1 x Colour Scanner
1 x Colour Fan Deck

1 x Small Scales To Weigh Paints 

These colour mixing kits come complete with the colour fan deck, colour scanner, app to download from the app store, this is to mix any colour using the scanner with thousands of colours to pick from.


The colour mxing kit is available in three sizes, 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr base colours