Robornes Protection

Powerful Fabric Cleaner


Deep cleaning fabric cleaner and enhancer, perfect for soft top roofs as well

  • Deep cleans
  • Fabric cleaner
  • Soft top roofs
  • Handbags linings

The fabric cleaner was designed to produce a first class result every time, with its special hybrid technology to deep clean fabrics and enhance the colour at the same time. The fabric cleaner, loosens the dirt that is bonded to the material, its capable of lifting the most stubborn stains, including engine oil, grease and grime.

The product is natural based, safe to use on all types of fabrics, sofas, car interiors, handbags, clothing, carpets, accessories and so much more producing a bright new look every time. This can be used to remove stains as well as being a fabric cleaner, it will remove a multitude of problems like oil, grease, food stains, drink stains, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and many more.

All stains should be removed within a few days of it happening for the best results. Its a simple spray on application and can be left to dwell to work deep down in to the fibres of the fabric to quickly lift away the stains from deep within the fibres structure. If stains are very stubborn, you can agitate the stain with a soft brush, working in a gentle motion to work the cleaner even deeper within the fabrics structure, then leave to dwell again, once this is done it can be vacuumed off to produce a very deep clean finish every time.

Due to its natural ingredients its safe to use without causing damage to the items its applied to, leaving a clean looking fabric and stain free. If you just want to freshen up an item, this can be done by spraying the cleaner on to a terry towel and wiping this over the fabric and then using a clean dry terry towel, wipe the surface again to remove light surface soiling. 

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr tub