Leather Repair Company

Graining Matts Set Of 8


LRCGM Set of 8 Graining Matts 

 Replace the grain in leather making repairs invisible 

This is a set of different grain patterns on a silicone mould 

This allows you to replace the grain on leather with the heat cure grain fillers. LRC45 and LRC46

These pads are large enough to repair most standard sized holes, from burns and tears.

First you would repairs the tear or hole with a backing fabric, then insert the heat cure filler required, place the pads over the top of the filler along with the teflon paper and hear cure. 


Placed over the top of LRC45 and LRC46 to put a grain impression back in leather.

Using the grain pad that's closest to your leathers grain pattern, use the filler then gently push the graining pad over the top of the filler and heat cure.

  1. use the base grain first on leather
  2. then use the grain copier
  3. place the teflon paper over the top of the grain pad to protect it
  4. heat up to cure using the heat iron