Leather Repair Company

Large Technician Starter Repair Kit


Large Starter Kit

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1 x Tool boxes and containers
1 x LRC1 Leather Cleaner 1L
1 x Protection Cream 500ml
1 x Alcohol cleaner 1ltr
1 x Leather prep 1ltr
1 x Leather finish Gloss 1ltr
1 x Leather finish Satin 1ltr
1 x Leather Finish Matt 1ltr
1 x Ink & Stain Remover 250 ml
1x Softening creme 250ml
1 x Leather glue 100ml
1 x Fibre Binder 250ml
1 x Flexi Filler 250ml
2 x Coloured heavy filler 50ml white, black.
1 x 250ml Leather protection spray
1 x 250ml Mould remover

50 x Small sponges
50 x Large sponges
50 x Tooth picks
20 x Small mixing pots
20 x Medium mixing pots
1 x Backing fabric
1 x Large brucle brush
1 x Small brucle brush
1 x Horse hair brush brown
1 x Tooth brush horse hair brush
20 x Black plastic glue sticks
50 x Large wooden mixing sticks
1 x Linen tester
1 x Small scissors
1 x Large scissors
1 x Box red abrasive scotch pads
1 x 12-pack of terry towels
1 x Pack bamboo Pads
1 x Pack 3 bamboo towels
5 x Sheets of sanding paper 320 grit
5 x Sheets of sanding paper 1200 grit
5 x Sheets of sanding paper 3000 grit
10 x Sanding blocks 280 grit
10 x Sanding sheets cream 320
10 x Sanding sheets cream 800
1 x Pack of paint touch-up sticks Small (30)
1 x Pack of paint touch-up sticks medium (30)
1 x Pack of paint Touch-up sticks Large (30)
10 x Red round LRC sponges
2 x Palette knife plastic
2 x small paint brushes
1 x Phone Microscope
1 x Mouth atomizer
1 x Small scales to weigh paints
1 x Medium mixing jug
1 x Pack paper filters (20)
1 x Colour wheel
1 x Bundle of prep rags
1 x Hair dryer
1 x Dental tool

1 x 500ml Weak Black
1 x 500ml Bright Yellow
1 x 500ml Scarlet (Red)
1 x 500ml Strong Black
1 x 500ml Bright Red
1 x 500ml Dark Blue
1 x 500ml Orange
1 x 500ml White
1 x 500ml Magenta
1 x 500ml Red Oxide
1 x 500ml Violet
1 x 500ml Navy Blue
1 x 500ml Bright Green
1 x 500ml Lemon
1 x 500ml Yellow Oxide
1 x 500ml Umber
1 x 500ml Cream
1 x 500ml Buttermilk
1 x 500ml Ivory
1 x 500ml Light Beige
1 x 500ml Caramel
1 x 500ml Light grey

Please note:
Boxes may change

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‍This is the Large professional kit for the serious technician doing multiple jobs per day.