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Leather Shoe Recycle & Colour Repair Kit LRCK21


Leather Shoe Re-cycle and Colour Repair Kit LRCK21

Scuff Repair Kit To Fix Leather Shoe & Scuffs On Leather.

  • Repair Scuff On Leather Shoes
  • Fix Scuffs On Leather Jackets 
  • Repair Scuffs On Purses
  • Change The Colour Shoes 
  • Repair Scuffs On Handbags 

The best and largest Leather Shoe Colour Repair Kit / scuff repair kit in the leather care industry.

Our Leather Shoe Re-cycle and Colour Repair Kit is an all-in-one DIY professional repair kit to restore your leather shoes and boots with professional results by removing the old sticky, cracked or peeling leather and leaving you with a crisp new feeling leather surface...


  • Easy to use
  • Professional results
  • New factory look
  • Clean & degrease 
  • Repair & Restore Colour

As well as restoring cracked and damaged leather this kit also repairs scuffs and small colour loss areas on leather jackets, from leather purses to leather boots, leather trousers and leather backpacks this leather scuff repair kit will fix all types of scuffs and colour loss areas.

Its a great kit to fix small scuffed areas on Leather handbags, Leather Purses, Leather Wallet, Leather Shoes and Leather Jackets.

With the products included you will have everything you need to repair, protect and match your leathers colour. 

  • Very Hard Wearing – Seals in the colour and keeps it sealed in.
  • High flexibility giving a soft natural look and touch.
  • Intelligent Protection
  • Easy to use
  • DIY kit professional results
  • Original Manufacturers finish


Our Water-based and NMP free self-sealing leather repair paint is best for pigmented leather and can be both sprayed and sponged for the best results.

  • Solvent Free So Safe To Use
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Self Levelling 
  • Self Sealing 
  • High Scratch Resistance 
  • Luxury Feel When Cured

Prep it - Colour it - Seal it.

Our kit also includes tints to alter the base colour if needed, along with an accessory pack that equips you with all the tools needed to use our products safely.

Works on: 

Leather Shoes, Leather Handbags, Leather Jackets, Leather Boots, Leather Purses, Leather Trousers. Leather Clothing, Motor Bike Leather Shoes, Motorbike Leather Boots, Cowboy Boots

Types Of Leathers:

Pigmented Leather, Corrected Grain Leather, Semi Aniline Leather, Two Tone Leather, Antique Finished Leather, Top Coated Leather, Vegan Leather, Bi Cast Leather, Bonded Leather, Faux Leather, Vinyl.


Not suitable for suede, nubuck or aniline leathers. 


About The Leather Repair Paints

Our leather repair paint colours were developed for colour repairs, restorations, and applications that require a total change in colour. We created them with a high pigment level, allowing for significantly better coverage than any other product on the market. In most circumstances, one or two applications are sufficient enough to complete the task to a high standard.

The leather repair paint colours provide excellent UV protection, have waterproof properties, are exceptionally flexible, and have excellent pigment adherence. The leather colours give your item a feel that is considerably better than when it was first produced, so you can be guaranteed that your newly restored leather goods will last for years to come.

The Leather Repair Company leather repair paint colours can be used on leather furniture, antique furniture, equestrian leathers, chairs/sofas, leather jackets, handbags, car interior, vintage cars, classic car seats, shoes, boots, carry bags, leather phone case and more.

Not suitable for use on suede, nubuck, or aniline leather finishes.

What's Included

• 1x 100ml Leather Cleaner

• 1x 100ml Base Colour

• 15ml Tints to adjust colour. No tints in a colour matched kit

• 1x 30ml Gloss Finish

• 1x 30ml Matt Finish

• 1x 50ml Leather Prep

• 1x 50ml Alcohol Cleaner

• 1x Mixing Cup

• 2x Small Applicator Sponges

• 2x Toothpicks

• 1x Mixing Sticks

• 2x Cotton Buds

• 1x 1200 Sandpaper (1/8 Sheet)

• 1x 3000 Sandpaper (1/8 Sheet)

• 1x 280 Sanding Pad

• 1x Emery Pad (1/4 Sheet)

• 3x Small Cloths


Our Kits are unique they are a very easy, simple four stage process.

1. First of all you will need to clean the leather thoroughly

2. The next step is to use the prep, this is designed to remove some of the old surface coating, the reason for doing this is its removing all old dirt, grease, waxes and oils from the surface and some of the old manufacturers finish, this then gives you a base to work from allowing the colourant to adhere correctly to the leathers surface. Without removing some of the colour, the new colour wont bond correctly. Before applying the colourant wipe down the surface fully with alcohol cleaner.

3. The next stage is to colour the area to be repaired

4. Once coloured, you then seal this over with the clear coat sealers (Gloss and Matt Finish) the gloss and matt finish can be mixed together to give you a satin finish if this is the desired look you require, this can be done by mixing them 50/50, the kits comes with sand paper to very lightly sand the surface between coats to ensure you finish with a silky smooth result every time.

See our leather guides for further help. Click Here