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Luxury Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush

£18 £19.50

Take a look at our brand new Luxury Leather Cleaning Horse Hair Brush!

Finished in a luxury dark wood and natural horse hair fibre for better cleaning.

The Luxury Brush is a fantastic super soft yet strong enough to deep clean your leather items, helping to create a luxury foaming action.

All hand crafted to the finest qualities finished off in our factories in Yorkshire by hand.

The fibres on the Luxury Leather Cleaning Brush are soft natural fibres, but yet strong enough to deep cleaning into the grain on leather or vinyl items, but yet gentle enough to be used on fine leathers or designer luxury goods like jackets and handbags.

The natural fibres of the horse hair Luxury Leather Cleaning Brush produce truly amazing results.

Approx size just over 6 inches long by 1.75 inches wide