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Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating - RSC

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RSC - Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System

The Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System is a very unique product.

It's a product that can be layered to gain even greater depths of shine and protection. RSC is the most economical and simple to apply semi-ceramic coating on the market today.

Producing an outstanding hydrophobic surface, which easily outperforms all traditional spray sealants, coatings & waxes. 

A single application should last around 9 to 12 months and a second application should last between 12 and 15 months.

The building block of the product is SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide) uniquely modified in such a way as to be able to be blended into a water-based carrier.

It consists of a synergistic blend of two differently modified SiO2 molecules and has an activity level of between 20 to 30% 

We believe we’ve created something here extremely unique and providing outstanding depth of shine and protection without the need to ceramic coat your vehicle making this the easiest product to use on the market so anyone can apply it. 

In the event of damage to your vehicle removal is simple and easy, making this even better than a ceramic. Re application is cheaper and quicker to undertake. 

The depth of shine this produces and its characteristics are very similar looking to a full ceramic coating.   

Suitable for the protection of; gloss car paint, headlights, tail lights, hard plastics, and indicators.

The application is via a ceramic pad with a suede cloth.