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Suede and Nubuck rubber brush

£12.75 £14.50
This Suede and Nubuck soft rubber base cleaning brush offers fantastic cleaning actions with its easy to hold head and soft rubber base.

This allows the soft rubber base to break down dirt and grease quickly without causing harm to your item.

Fantastic design in natural wood with a super soft rubber base, that lifts dirt and grime quickly at the same time brings the nap back to your suede or nubuck items.

The Suede and Nubuck Brush Rubber is soft and gentle on your leather skin, you don’t need to scrub hard on suede and nubuck as it’s a delicate finish.

Scrubbing too hard can cause damage to the natural nap surface and can make the suede and nubuck too thin, so always be careful when cleaning, it’s not like a normal painted leather.

Care has to be taken when cleaning this type of leather.

The size if approximately 12cm x 4.5cm x 3cm high