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Tampico Leather Cleaning Brush

£6.95 £7.50

Designed just for us for Leather Cleaning, the Tampico Brush is gentle on your leather.

The tampico brush is a porous fibre from the Mexican agave plant that is heat, alkali and acid resistant. Works well on leather when used in conjunction with the Premium Leather Cleaner The Tampico brush is anti static and heat tolerant up to 280°F The Tampico brush is used to clean deep down into the leather's natural grains and texture. the tampico brush special fibres lift dirt quickly, easily and safely away from the leather.

Where you have light coloured leathers and the dirt has got deep down in the grain this is the best type of brush you can ever have in your cleaning kit to deep clean your leather.

This specialist Natural Fibre Tampico Brush makes cleaning leather easy and extremely simple. The tampico is a durable brush that cleans deep in to the leather grain structure to remove all the dirt and grime than normal cleaning would just not even touch.

The tampico is ideal for stain removal as it works into the leather the pull the stain out of the grain and pores. You can use the tampico on fabrics and carpets to agitate them when doing spot cleaning.