Leather Repair Company

Technician Fabric Repair Kit


Fabric Repair Kit

Products & Tools
34 Flock fibre colours
1 x Tube of contact adhesive
1 x 100ml Flock adhesive
1 x 250ml Fabric cleaner
1 x box of Water based pencils

1 x Flock fibre shaker
1 x Puffer
1 x Mouth atomiser
1 x Large sub patch in white
1 x Large sub patch in black
1 x Bag of wadding
1 x Block of foam
2 x Plastic pallet knives
3 x Metal spatulas
1 x Pair of forceps
1 x Pair of scissors
4 x Small mixing pots
4 x Large mixing pots
20 x Tooth picks
6 x Glue sticks
8 x Stirring sticks
1 x Tool Box

Please Note:
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