Leather Repair Company

Wool Dauber Suede Leather Dye Applicator


Wool Daubers are great for applying leather dye or leather colours, to leather or Suede and Nubuck.

  • Smooth Even Finish
  • Great For Crafting Work
  • Perfect To Dye Crush Leather
  • DIY & Professional Uses 
  • Also Great For Edge Finishing 

very handy wool daubers for all types of leather work and leather craft work.

Can be reused over and over, simply wash out after use and allow to dry.

Works with all type of paints, Sneaker Dyes, Sneaker Paints, Aniline Dyes, Leather Paints, Raw Hyde Dye and more.


Make sure the area to be dyed is fully prepared and dry.

1. Insert the wool dauber in to the dye, then dab off most of the solution as you don't want to soak the initial area on impact. The purpose is to get an even coating over the entire area.

2. Once applied you can then allow to dry naturally, but on suedes and nubucks you will need to brush the dyes in with a suede and nubuck brush to make sure the fibres are soaked deep down.

3. Clean out the wool dauber with luke warm water as soon as you have finished your project, this way you can reuse your wool daubers on other projects.

Allow to dry naturally.