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Intelligent Cleaning System

Natural Leather Scent

UV Ray Protection

Water Based Formula


It's important to begin protecting your leather items as soon as possible after purchasing. Our Leather Protection Cream helps protect your leather from dirt and grime right away. When you apply our leather protection lotion, you get a lot of advantages. It nourishes and conditions your leather after application, helping to prevent stains from appearing, such as those caused by pen markings, jean dye transfer, and more.

It can be used on many different types of leathers including modern auto interiors, classic car seat interiors. leather garments, shoes, jackets, seats, antique two-tone, oil and wax pull-ups, handbags, aniline leathers, pigment coated leathers, modern leathers, aeroplane interior leathers, equestrian leather, connolised leather, mottled finished leathers, boats and superyachts.


1. Clean the area with our leather cleaner
2. Apply a generous amount of protection cream with a soft cloth or sponge, directly to the leather, making sure you've covered the whole area
3. Let it dry, and enjoy your newly protected leather

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