ECO Friendly Or Not

ECO Friendly Or Not

April 11, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

What are peoples views on car manufacturers using the word “leather” when describing fake materials in vehicles that don’t actually have genuine 100% leather used in them ?

Are car manufacturers using clever marketing to sell cars as eco friendly with eco friendly vegan “leather” interiors - in reality these seats are plastic, how can car manufacturers get away with this misleading information by adding more and more plastics to vehicles causing more issues for plastic waste and our environment just by misleading the public to sell cars by calling it vegan “leather”

Should governments be doing more to stop this happening, what happened to COP26?

How can we educate the public with what’s happening, how do we make people understand the trust facts, how do we educate the public about leather and plastics?

Something needs to be done!! The only way car manufacturers are going to listen is people join together to put a strong case forward, more and more interiors in cars are coming out as eco friendly as its not using leather, this is actually damaging for our planet and co2 emissions as car manufacturers are not telling the public the full facts, they trying to make it out to be ultra safe and better than leather, when nothing is better than a genuine biodegradable item like leather.

Seats called vegan leather don't last long at all, they break down quickly and the public are being miss sold cars as eco friendly electric vehicles when in fact they are very damaging for our planet and environment as they contain more plastics now than ever before when we as a world should be reducing the use of plastics car manufacturers are getting away with adding more plastics than most other industries and using clever marketing tricks to fool the public and it's time the public were made aware how car manufactures are pulling the "plastic" over your eyes !!!

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