Vehicle Interior Detailing

Vehicle Interior Detailing

April 11, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

What is vehicle interior detailing and does this include detailing the leather parts?

Vehicle detailing today is something people associate with the exterior only of a vehicle’s appearance, but the interior is where you sit all the time and its these areas that contain all the dirt, germs, bugs, grime and filth, yet people find that okay to be sat in these surroundings all daylong!

Leather interiors on cars are more sensitive than the exteriors, yet people won’t have them detailed and vehicle detailers won’t touch them.

So why wont people touch interiors when carrying out a ceramic coating on the paintwork of a vehicle, vehicle detailers say they don’t like interiors, we don’t offer interior services, I’m not cleaning someone else’s muck. So can detailers claim to be a detailer when they are only coating the exterior of cars, as they are not doing all the vehicle, so they are not detailing in full, they are becoming a coating expert only.

Getting trained to carry out vehicle interior detailing correctly offers more satisfaction then making a cars paint shine, there is so much work involved in an interior. Many intricate details to pay attention to, not to mention the added benefit of doing leather repairs to interiors when detailing the seats.

The efforts of an interior detail are very rewarding, getting all the dirt out of an interior is the best feeling ever, it does make a vehicle truly come to life again, deep cleaning the carpets, deep cleaning fabric car seats and fabric door cards, or deep cleaning the leather car seats and leather door cards, cleaning all the grease and grime from steering wheels and gear shifters, all these small areas contain so many germs and deep cleaning these to look like new again is very satisfying.

The interior shots and small videos can be a very valuable tools for a detailer for marketing purposes. Showing videos of interiors being cleaned, grime being removed, it’s all great footage for gaining business, but getting the correct training with leading experts is essential.

Learn why steam cleaning leather is very bad for leather seats, the steam generated, and the heat created are all bad for leather, but not knowing this can be costly. Knowing what to look for is important, knowing what a stain is and what is wear on leather seats is equally important, again thinking a stain is dirt and continuing to scrub without the correct tools or equipment can end up being a costly mistake. People are inclined to give up interior work due to lack of knowledge when interior work can be as rewarding as the exterior and as financially rewarding too.

Carrying out full interior detailing correctly involves the removal of seats, carpets and in some cases steering wheels, to re colour leather steering wheels where they have worn away. Items that are fabric can easily be steamed cleaned, leather requires more specialist care, Leather Repair Company can teach you all of this on a Professional Interior Detailing Course.

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