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Luxury Bamboo Fibre Applicators (5 pack)


Luxury Bamboo Fibre Cleaning Sponge

Enhanced cleaning with the power of bamboo pads.

Our Bamboo sponge leather cleaning applicators pads are eco-friendly, reusable, and a sustainable way to clean, apply and buff your way to a greener environment.

A fantastic safe to use leather cleaning pad to clean leather handbags, jackets, purses, couches and leather car seats.

  • Ultra Safe For Leather
  • Works Great On Hard Plastics
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Perfect For Piano Black
  • Works On Mirrors and Glass
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Works In Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Great On Antique Items
  • Anti Fungal
  • Great For Safe Cleaning Of Windows

Bamboo has many benefits for use on leather and around the home, in kitchens, bathrooms, showerooms, bamboo is naturally Anti Bacterial, Hypo Allergenic, and  Anti Fungal, these properties are far more beneficial than traditional cloth and far superior to microfibre cloths. 

We know leather is unique and every piece is different, the main thing to remember is leather is a sensitive material that needs to be cleaned with the correct products. With Leather Repair Company you are already using the best cleaners, protectors, restorers and repair products so why not apply those with the Leather Repair company's choice applicators. Specifically designed to guarantee leather safety and application excellence.

Our bamboo fibre applicators come in a pack of 5. Each applicator is colour coded.

 The plastic bag packaging and box packaging is bio degradable and can be placed within your compost bin.  

Safe technology for cleaning steering wheels, just look at the images how they cleaned up this Ferrari Leather which is not normal pigmented leather.

To compliment the bamboo fibre applicator pads, you can get the natural plant bamboo cloth to use on your car or in and around the home. 

Made from bamboo plant. Part of Leather Repair Companies Eco Collection.


Additional Information

Take a look at this additional video about the bamboo fibre applicator pads and how they are much safer than scrubber pads and far better for the environment as they are natural plat material and with a natural anti microbial technology leaving behind a much safer surface on leather.

Take a look at this video Bamboo Fibre Pad

Where can they be used?

The bamboo fibre applicator pads can be used on any surface even fabrics along with the bamboo fibre towel.

Car interiors, leather, hard plastics, kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, windows, washing up pots and dishes, metal surfaces, piano black surfaces, wooden surfaces, fabrics, vinyl materials, mirrors, antique finished items, shoes, sneakers, boots, equestrian items, cooker tops, kitchen cabinets, cooker hobs, extractor fan housings and even great for giving your pets a bath.


Spray on your cleaning solution directly to the bamboo fibre pad, then wipe over the surface to be cleaned, getting into all areas, then wipe away and residue with a bamboo fibre towel, leaving the surface bright and clean and germ free with a natural anti microbial surface left behind.

Solutions can be sprayed directly to surfaces if required and left to dwell for a short period to help break down grease and grime making cleaning even easier.