Leather Repair Company

Luxury Bamboo Fibre Towel


Luxury Bamboo Fibre Towel

Enhanced cleaning with the power of bamboo.

Our Bamboo Fibre Towels are eco-friendly, reusable, and a sustainable way to clean, apply and buff your way to a greener environment.


  • Ultra Safe For Leather
  • Anti Microbial Technology
  • Safe For Piano Black
  • Safe For Glass & Mirrors 


We know leather is unique and every piece is different, the main thing to remember is leather is a sensitive material that needs to be cleaned with the correct products. With Leather Repair Company you are already using the best cleaners, protectors, restorers and repair products so why not apply those with the Leather Repair company's choice applicators. Specifically designed to guarantee leather safety and application excellence.

 To Clean down any type of items including leather, ceramic, glass, metal, tiles and plastics take a look at the Bamboo Fibre Applicator Pads. 

Made from bamboo plant. Part of Leather Repair Companies Eco Collection.