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This DIY clear coat lacquer leather finish is intended to lock in the colour once it has been applied to the surface of leather. It also feels soft and natural on the leather, without making it seem or look artificial. In reality, it significantly improves the touch and texture of leather, resulting in a very smooth, soft, silky feel that is very natural and so realistic that you won't be able to tell them apart.

The clear coat Lacquer Leather Finish is an excellent complement to produced antique polished leathers. It's an excellent do-it-yourself option especially where the coloured finish is rubbed off, providing a two-tone effect coloured look and finish.


1. Apply the leather lacquer finish to a sponge and dab on
2. When dabbing onto the surface, be careful not to overload the sponge as you do not want to create a froth
3. If spraying, spray in even overlapping motions, ensuring you have covered the area completely
4. Apply two to three coats maximum and allow to dry between each coat
5. You can speed the drying process up with a hairdryer
6. Between the first and second coat, lightly sand with 7000 grit paper to give it a soft and silky finish feel before applying the final coat of Lacquer Finish

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