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This professional grade DIY clear coat lacquer leather finish is intended to lock in the colour once it has been applied to the surface of leather. It also feels soft and natural on the leather, without making it seem or look artificial. In reality, it significantly improves the touch and texture of leather, resulting in a very smooth, soft, silky feel that is very natural and so realistic that you won't be able to tell them apart.

The topcoat Lacquer Leather Finish is an excellent complement to produced antique polished leathers. It's an excellent do-it-yourself option especially where the coloured finish is rubbed off, providing a two-tone effect coloured look and finish.

Two tone leather, antique finish leathers and chesterfield leather finishes are prone to wearing off the topcoat finish over time, this is best re applied to protect the painted finishes applied in the making of the leather hides.

On average clear coat leather finish lasts around 2 to 5 years on the surface depending how its cared for and what clothing you wear, jeans can cause the topcoat sealer to wear away quicker so re coating may be required in 2 to 3 years.

Changing The Sheen Levels.

The beauty of these leather sealers, compared to others, they can be mixed together gaining any sheen level you desire, from adding a small amount of gloss to a matt leather lacquer, to making a 50 – 50 mix to make a satin, to making a mixture of 70%satin and 30% matt to give you a sheen level that’s just below a satin finish. Apply a new layer of clear coat lacquer is a great way of putting some life back into your leather. Rather than complicate issues we have left these lacquer sealers as standard that tanners use Gloss, Satin and Matt, this way you create any sheen level you require even blending into older worn leather to make it look original on antique leathers.

Uses, to seal the surface of pigmented leather, two tone leather, antique leather and aniline leather to give a protective layer.

Works on these leathers, Pigmented Leather Aniline Leather, Corrected Grain Leather, Semi Aniline Leather, Two Tone Leather, Antique Finished Leather, Top Coated Leather, Vegan Leather, Bi Cast Leather, Bonded Leather, Faux Leather, Vinyl.

For use on, Car Leather Interiors, Leather Sofas, Leather Chairs, Leather Shoes, Leather Handbags, Leather Briefcases, Leather Saddles, Equine Leather, Leather Jackets, Motorcycle Leathers, Leather Boots, Leather Purses, Leather Trousers. Leather Clothing, Motor Bike Leathers, Leather Walls, Leather Tables, Leather Watch Straps.


Preparing the surface ready to apply new clear coat leather finish.

Getting the surface ready to apply a new layer of clear coat leather lacquer sealer its important that the surface is prepared fully to ensure the new leather lacquer coating will bond fully and give long lasting protection.

First of all, inspect the finish to make sue you know what to do, then give the leather a deep clean using LRC1 leather cleaner, if the clear coat leather finish if lifting be careful how this is cleaned, do not scrub this too hard, its advised that a bamboo pad is used to gently clean over the surface to remove dirt and grime.

1. Apply the leather lacquer finish to a sponge and dab on
2. When dabbing onto the surface, be careful not to overload the sponge as you do not want to create a froth
3. If spraying, spray in even overlapping motions, ensuring you have covered the area completely
4. Apply two to three coats maximum and allow to dry between each coat
5. You can speed the drying process up with a hairdryer
6. Between the first and second coat, lightly sand with 1200 grit paper to give it a soft and silky finish feel before applying the final coat of Lacquer Finish

When you are drying the topcoat leather sealer this is best done with a hairdryer don’t get the surface too hot, just stay around 6 to 8 inches away from the surface so that the topcoat leather lacquer sealer can be dried thoroughly.

Maker sure its dry between apply coatings. When using a hairdryer, this can be dried within minutes, be careful about not creating a froth on the surface when applying by sponge, follow the video below for help with this product, or this video can help you as well.

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Q. What is the Leather Lacquer Finish used for?

A. Leather Lacquer Finish is used primarily to seal in pigment colourant that has been applied to leather, this protects the pigment paint colour to stop it wearing and provides a stain barrier on the surface. Leather can be Matt, Gloss or Satin finish, depending on the type of finish applied.


Q. What’s The Application?

A. Application is very simple this can be applied by sponge or sprayed on with a spray gun or airbrush. There is no need to thin this product its ready to use, you can mix them together to gain any sheen levels you wish. This can be applied over any area you’ve repaired or painted


Q. How Do Maintain Once Applied?

A. Maintaining is just like normal leather, what your applying is the same product that was applied in a tannery when the skin is made, so maintaining is easy, its advised to wait 7 to 14 days after applying before you carry out any cleaning, but this should not be required if you have applied a protection cream to the surface.


Q. What Leathers Can I Use This On?

A. The Leather lacquer Finish can be applied to all types of leather other than suede or nubuck, it just depends how much your applying, you can even apply this to boned and bicast, but not patent leather.


Q. How Often Should I Re Apply?

A. You should re apply once every three years, the surface lacquer on leather is between 5 μm and 20 μm thick, to put this into perspective a sheet of 80g of paper is only 100 microns /100 μm so as you can imagine it needs care to maintain the lacquer also. But don’t just apply loads of lacquer as it will look plastic.


Q. Will This Come Off On My Clothing?

A. No, Once this leather lacquer finish is dried and cured it wont rub off at all.


Q. Can I Apply This To My Handbag?

A. Yes,  you can apply this to your handbag to give it even better protection against stains and jean dye transfer and water spotting from rain.


Q. Is It Just For Cars?

A. No, this can be used on cars, sofas, shoes, leatherjackets, leather handbags, leather purses, leather wallets, anything leather other than sued or nubuck is fine.

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