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Take a look at this additional video about the bamboo fibre applicator pads and how they are much safer than scrubber pads and far better for the environment as they are natural plat material and with a natural anti microbial technology leaving behind a much safer surface on leather.

Take a look at this video Bamboo Fibre Pad

Where can they be used?

The bamboo fibre applicator pads can be used on any surface even fabrics along with the bamboo fibre towel.

Car interiors, leather, hard plastics, kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, windows, washing up pots and dishes, metal surfaces, piano black surfaces, wooden surfaces, fabrics, vinyl materials, mirrors, antique finished items, shoes, sneakers, boots, equestrian items, cooker tops, kitchen cabinets, cooker hobs, extractor fan housings and even great for giving your pets a bath.


Spray on your cleaning solution directly to the bamboo fibre pad, then wipe over the surface to be cleaned, getting into all areas, then wipe away and residue with a bamboo fibre towel, leaving the surface bright and clean and germ free with a natural anti microbial surface left behind.

Solutions can be sprayed directly to surfaces if required and left to dwell for a short period to help break down grease and grime making cleaning even easier.

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This product is available in the following sizes:

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