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Prepare the leather first of all to ensure its clean and dry and free of dirt and grime.

Then apply the filler where required in thin layers drying each layer as you go, this can be dried with a hairdryer.

You can sand the filler lightly with 1200 grit paper to shape into place, then re colour the areas repaired, then seal over with the clear coat lacquer sealer.

Gloss and matt clear coat lacquer sealer can be mixed together 50/50 to gain a satin or it can be mixed at any interval you wish to gain different sheen levels.

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This product is available in the following sizes:

What's Included

• 30ml Quick-Dry Filler

• 30ml Leather Colourant Dye

• 15ml Gloss leather lacquer Finish

• 15ml Matt Leather Lacquer Finish

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