How Dirty Is Your Interior

How Dirty Is Your Interior

April 16, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Interior Coatings For The Seasons.


The majority of people spend the second largest purchase on a motor vehicle, the first largest is a home.

Our homes are our castles, our cars are our pride and joy, how it looks, shines, and is kept clean outside.

But we neglect the interior of our vehicles! Why?

Day in day out you are sat on the inside of that vehicle, bacteria and germs build up, in all, 1,425 bacteria were identified during recent research just in the boot alone. The results suggest motorists should be cleaning the interior of their cars more frequently, but you don’t. Why don’t you? When the average car interior has more germs than an average toilet!

The researchers identified the filthiest areas of a car:

1.    Boot - 1,425bacteria identified

2.    Driver’s seat -649 bacteria identified

3.    Gearstick - 407bacteria identified

4.    Back seat - 323bacteria identified

5.    Dashboard - 317bacteria identified

6.    Steering wheel -146 bacteria identified.

You can read about the types of bacteria and the research that was carried out.

This video shows the amount of dirt, grime and germs coming off steering wheel.

Some people even go as far as having specialist interiors designed just for them, costing thousands of pounds. But due to misleading advice on the internet, from people who are internet sensations that they follow, they believe them, rather than an expert in that industry. We see this all the time, people claiming using a magic eraser is safe and steam cleaning is safe. Rather than stop and think logically, people follow the sensation and then get it wrong, but yet still don’t question those they got this wrong advice from.

Every day you sit in your car, coughing, sneezing, and talking, possibly picking your noses as well. These germs have to land somewhere, we have seen interiors in terrible states, from the sides of seats covered in bogies to condoms and sanitary towels on the inside of cars, needles, and drugs.

You sit in this all day every day; the question is do you keep your home the same way?

At Leather Repair Company we provide a coating for interiors that’s a seasonal coating allowing interiors to be kept as germ free as possible. These coatings work for different seasons, Winter, Summer, and Autumn / Fall. They provide a breathable layer allowing leather to breathe correctly as ceramic coatings clog up pores and cause more harm than good. In its nature, ceramic as you know seals the surface and stops contamination getting through so logically a ceramic is pointless on leather and damaging for it too.

As with most surfaces they require a dedicated system to protect them, you can’t put any old product onto a surface and hope its okay, you can’t clean a surface with the wrong product and hope its okay, but this is done all the time, because you believe the wrong people and then won’t listen to industry leading experts.

For many years we have been talking about the germs inside of vehicles and you’re sat in your own muck, dirt, and grime and that of others who have been in your vehicles.

Its not just your seats or steering wheels that contain germs and bacteria, carpets contain them also from your shoes, you can step in bird droppings, dog mess without even knowing this, walking along in wet conditions transfers contamination to your feet and this is transferred to your carpets in your cars.

Keeping your interiors in great shape adds a great deal of money to your resale value, you spend thousands looking after the outside and neglect the interior which is more costly than a coat of paint.

Keeping surfaces protected with a dedicated coating that’s designed just for your leather, plastics, fabrics and carpets is essential, at LRC we have a coating for each surface, allowing surfaces to be kept cleaner longer making germ removal quicker and easier, keeping your interior more healthy for you and your passengers.

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