The Naked Leather Known As Crust Aniline Leather

A crust aniline leather which has been tanned (treated to become non-perishable) but not coloured or otherwise finished in any way.

Crust leather are very difficult leathers for cleaning due to zero surface finish as they are only dyed and left with no surface coating or protection.

When used on upholstery it’s given more generic terms, unprotected leather, pure aniline leather, or even some call it naked leather.

Restoring crust leather to a brand new condition is almost impossible, it will change the surface look and feel slightly, crust aniline leather has been tanned so that its unperishable,  but with no colour or finish applied to the crust aniline leather.

Its suggested that regular cleaning using an aniline cleaner and protection is carried out as often as you possibly can to avoid the surface getting stained and this then soaking in to the leathers, with the crust leather being absorbent, you can’t just do an arm, the full item has to be done as it will shade or change the surface look so the full item has to be cleaned and protected on a regular basis

Crust aniline leather has the most luxurious touch and feel to it, like silk, but requires the most maintenance to keep it in perfect shape, as its fully open to the elements. Keeping it protected at all times is imperative, giving the crust leather a protection layer is essential, its advised that an expert master technician applies a coating of the special leather guard crust aniline leather system to your items at once to avoid stains taking place.

With all crust aniline leathers they are very susceptible to to fading, staining and soiling at all times. Anything that is left on the surface will soak in at once, crust leather creates difficult cleaning processes as anything that you do to a crust leather will change the way it  looks, so its protection, protection and more protection.

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