Leather Repairs & Cleaning Services

Leather Repair Lancashire will cover a very large area and will also for the time being be covering Manchester as well.

Full leather restoration services will include all details of cleaning, repairs, scuffs, scratches, colour loss, colour restoration.

Every step is taken with extreme care, thought and consideration. We promise to cherish, love and care for your leather. From cleaning it, to preparing your leather for repair to the finished job.

The services we will be offering will be a complete mobile service, we will come to you to your home or place of work to carry out all types of repairs and we also offer a full mail order service.

Has your leather sofa or chair faded from being sat in direct sun light ? perhaps your looking to have just the leather suite’s colour restored ? we can even change the colour of your leather chairs if you want that new look and the new in colour.

We can under take any type of leather furniture repairs you require doing, from standard colour repairs to antique two tone finishes, chesterfield restorations and more.

Leather Repair Lancashire can help with all types of repairs to all leather types.

Want a leather repair? Get in in touch for a quotation.

We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

Call on: 01482 606864
Email us at: help@leatherrepaircompany.com