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Leather Sofa Repair London

Our head office is located in Hull, East Yorkshire. But we do have 2 franchises in London, ran by the trusty worthy & reliable Godfrey and Michael. Get in touch with the Leather Repair Company London offices today. Both are experts with all things leather. Including leather sofa repairs, car interiors, and leather jacket repairs.

Call in the industry leading experts NOW Leather Sofa Repair London. Call either London office below, or send pictures by email.
If you’re North of the river, please contact Michael.

For any locations south of the river, please call Godfrey.

The most reliable and environmentally friendly leather cleaning company in the London

The most reliable and environmentally friendly leather cleaning company in the London
If your leather sofa is suffering we are here to help we have professional products that will allow us to bring your leather back to life, rejuvenate it again, so it’s soft and luxurious and has that amazing leather aroma again like the day you purchased it.

We can provide you with the solutions to your leather sofa problems, but we don’t just carry our repairs to sofas, in fact, we handle every type of leather item you could ever imagine.

We also understand your privacy and very often sign privacy documents giving our clients peace of mind, that they can work with us knowing we keep your privacy and respect you for that.

We often carry out repairs to leather floors, we clean more leather flooring in London than any other part of the UK, we deal with many different aspects of leather, leather walls, leather covered doors, we have even worked on leather staircases for clients.

We have the world’s only intelligent protection system for leather, so we know that when this is applied to the clients leather, it’s going to gain the best protection in the world ever.

The leather protection creams provide astonishing protection for your leather, they have special built-in molecules that bond together when applied to the leather creating this barrier on your leather protecting it like an armoured coating system.

The protection barriers help stop, stains, jean dye transfer, newspaper print, dye transfer, food stains, drink stains, coffee stains and can even protect against red wine from staining your leather items.

Leather Sofa Repair London have technicians ready to help with your leather goods issues, not just your sofas, we deal with leather jackets, leather handbags, leather shoes, leather business bags and more.

Contact Us on:

0203 797 1080

Or for locations South of the river:

0208 108 6771

Want a leather repair? Get in in touch for a quotation.

We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

Call on: 01482 606864
Email us at: help@leatherrepaircompany.com