A leather That’s Sanded & Buffed Is Called Nubuck Leather

Nubuck Leather (pronounced /ˈnjuːbʌk/) is produced on the grain side of the skin mostly using very high quality leather.

The grain is buffed to give a sueded look.

During the 90’s this was very popular for both Mens and Ladies garments and also used widely in the shoe industry.

Recently there has been a resurgence with this product and its proving to be a very popular item once again.

The drawback of this item is that it can stain easily and therefore needs a stain resistant finish applied.

Nubuck leather is a difficult to clean product and requires high maintenance, it’s subset to soiling and any form of liquid stains, water even stains this type of leather. Grease and body oils are the worst to attack the leather and get in the leather.

Nubuck leather is very resistant to wear and may be natural in colour or coloured.

Its used a great deal in the footwear industry due to its qualities and used a lot on walking boots and is easy to keep waterproofed.

Proper care is crucial for Nubuck, items that are well kept will always stay clean and be able to fend off dirt and debris.

Cleaning nubuck leather is best done with a sponge applying a dedicated Nubuck cleaner rather than the traditional wax types products as this can cause clogging of the leathers pores.  Gentle brushing can freshen up the appearance of the sueded look nubuck leather has.

We have dveloped special cleaner sand oils to revive all forms of nubuck and suede leather.

Nubuck can also be protected with a special leather guard coating system helping stop stains and provides a warranty care plan

Whats different about Nubuck nd Suede, suede is the split that’s been sanded and buffed to create its surface finish and feel rougher than what nubuck does, nubuck is the top grain that’s been buffed and sanded to create its smoother finish and if looking through a magnifying glass this can be clearly seen, as you will still be able to see the grain structure even though the surface has been sanded and buffed.

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