Re Wax My Jacket Keeping it waterproof and clean.

Give new life to your leather jackets


With waxed jackets / garments do not dry clean the, do not use soaps and detergents, do not tumble dry them, do not machine wash, never use bleach, do not force dry them allow them to dry naturally, do not use solvents on them.

We work on waxed cotton jackets and garments and waxed leather jackets and garments just ask to re wax my jacket and consider it done !

Regular Cleaning
Re Wax My Jacket
Stops Dirt Build Up
Stops Grime
Keeps Waterproof
We provide restoration services for modern wax jackets and garments, Antique wax jackets and garments and Vintage wax jackets and garments.

At the Leather repair Company we pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide to our clients around the world for re waxing jackets and garments, we provide a full cleaning service, re wax service and full repair service to the highest standard possible in the UK.

Cleaning your waxed jacket and clothing regular helps stop wear taking place, removing as much dirt and grime as possible that’s built up on the grain.

Waxed jackets and garments require regular waterproofing to keep them, protected correctly for greater enjoyment.

If your leather item is looking like it’s drying out, then its a good sign that it requires re waxing, check to see if water beads off the jacket or moisture sits on the surface, if this is not the case then you will need to re wax your jacket.

Re wax my jacket will give it that water resistant once again, not only will it be water resistant, it will also bring it back to life and enhance the colour again, rejuvenating the colour and softness of the leather.

All items are worked only by highly skilled technicians who have over 30 years of experience of wax jackets and garments, so you know when you say re wax my jacket, its being worked by the UK’s finest members possible, who have a passion for leather jackets and waxed garments.

We deal with many different brands of jackets and clothing, but the two most popular waxed cotton jackets are Belstaff and Barbour waxed jackets that we provide a jacket cleaning service for and re waxing service for.

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We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

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