Rub Off Leather Is A Pigmented Finish With The Surface Rubbed Off.

Rub Off Leather

Rub off leather is a variety of pigmented leather where the surface is made with more characters by application of a contrasting top coat, which can be partly removed – rubbed off to reveal the underlying colour. This effect relies on a very thin layer, which has very limited durability. This leather will be subject to colour changes when in use.

Rub has that same painted look as pigmented, using a magnifying glass look for brighter colours showing through the leathers grain.

Recreating rub offs is not easy, once you have made a very thin top coat, which is made by mixing a small amount of colour with the sealer lacquer and this has partly dried, you can soak a cloth in alcohol cleaner and gently rub off part of the top coat surface to create a rub off finish and effect.

Cleaning rub off’s needs to be approached with caution due to the very thin coating it has, its advised that in most cases a damp cloth will remove most soiling along with a mild soap solution, the aniline cleaner or the luxury leather cleaner called purity will be perfect for these types of finishes.

Rub Off Leathers are like a pigmented leather, so carrying out a test by putting on a drop of water on the leather to see if this will absorb will not be possible as the water will sit on the surface of the rub off leather.

Rub off leathers surfaces are very fragile and requires a great deal of care and can be removed easily so always keep the rub off leather protected at all times with the leather protection cream.

Rub off leather to the eye looks worn and old, just like an antique finish would do. Rub off leather often has a glossy finish to it, due to the way its manufactured to create the rub off leather finish.

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