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Gentle On Colours

Ideal For Clothing/Bags

Removes Stains & Dirt

Water Based Formula


A powerful cleaning action that helps rehydrate your leather, to help prevent cracks and dryness from appearing whilst emitting a luscious leather aroma. The ideal partner in deep cleaning to help maintain your leather items and luxury leather goods, like leather clothing and handbags.


1. Apply the aniline mousse foam cleaner onto a soft sponge and clean in a circular motion lifting all the dirt away. As you clean each section, use a soft clean cloth to gently go over the surface to remove all dirt accordingly

2. Allow the aniline leather to naturally dry

Aniline Care

1. Aniline leather is the most natural leather around with beautiful characteristics still remaining visible. Aniline leather has no additional pigments to protect it, and has no protection on the surface, so it's open to the elements of daily use

2. It has a beautiful, silky feel to it and requires a great deal of care including regular dusting. Using the mousse cleaning often will help keep your leather clean and looking new

3. Use a soft head brush to remove as much dust as possible. If left, the dust will penetrate into the leather causing dirt build up and staining

4. If a spillage happens on your aniline leather, do not rub it, gently dab the leather with a damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally

5. Clean regularly to help keep your aniline leather looking new

6. Apply a protection cream, with aniline leather. It’s advised you apply several coats of protection cream as the first coat will be partly absorbed by the leather

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