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Leather Safe Technology

Natural Beeswax

Packed With Colour

Suitable For New & Old


For worn leathers, our Antique Softening Cream is the perfect solution. It revitalises leather, making it soft and supple once again. This item is one-of-a-kind because it can be layered with a range of colours to produce antique finishes on both old and new leather. Leather cases, classic automobile interiors, handbags, and other items can all benefit from this treatment.

Our carna bars, which may be rubbed into the leather and then coloured over with the antique restorative creams, are recommended for deeper abrasions in leather. There are two types of carna bars: soft wax and hard wax.


1. Before applying the cream, clean the leather with the luxury leather cleaner to free it of all old dirt and grime
2. With a soft clean cloth apply a generous amount of our Antique Leather Restorer Cream and massage into the leather in a circular motions
3. Apply two more applications for more protection if desired
4. Let it sit for a few minutes then lightly buff up whilst rubbing away any excess
5. You can seal this finish in our Leather Protection Cream and then buff up if you wish to provide a satin sheen or leave to sit for a matt finish

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